March 1, 2024

Ido Fishman’s List of Top Dishes in the United States

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When the travelling bans being lifted all over the world, the airlines and the tourism is getting back on track. People are now looking to go back to their usual travelling spots and this is where the United States comes in. At present, the United States is the third largest country in the world where the tourists go for vacations and holidays. Although the Europeans would be somewhat familiar with the cuisines and food items being consumed in the United States. Things tend to become unusual and difficult for people from other continents.

This is the reason why Ido Fishman, a famous chef and expert in the French Cuisine Course as well as the United States Cuisine Course has shared some of the top dishes consumed in the United States. These are the dishes that anyone from anywhere in the world would like to have when they visit the United States. Ido Fishman has also listed these dishes on his Ido Fishman Food Blog for people to go through and familiarize themselves with the dishes:

Shrimp and Grits

This was one of the simplest and most common dishes that the fisherman used to eat on the coastlines of the United States. It was only a matter of time people in the inner areas of the United States got to taste it. Soon, it became one of the most popular dishes in the country and almost every person in the United States likes to have it every now and then. In the United States, people love adding cheddar cheese, bacon, and mushrooms to the dish as well as fried eggs, tomatoes, barbecue sauces, and hot spices.


It is currently one of the most iconic food items commonly consumed in the United States. However, the city within the United States that consumes the highest amount of Bagels is the New York City. These are round rolls that have a hole in the middle, resembling a donut. They have a dark and a shiny exterior that is crunchy when chewed, offering a dark and malty flavored dense bread. It was originally brought to the United States from Europe by the Jewish who immigrated to the United States.

Breakfast Burrito

It is considered as one of the most unique and special types of Burrito. As the dish name suggests, they have tortilla that are combined with breakfast related food items such as potatoes, bacon, and eggs. The dish originally came from New Mexico but now, it is consumed all over the country. The Breakfast Burrito have gained so much success all over the United States that even some of the major food chains have added them to their menus. At present, you would find the Break Burrito added to the Taco Bell and McDonald’s menus.

People in the United States also like to add more items to the Breakfast Burrito such as beans, spinach, ham, cheese, and tomatoes.

Penne alla Vodka

You would be missing a great deal if you visited the United States and did not try the Penne alla Vodka. It is also one of the highly consumed dishes that the locals like to have for lunch and for dinner. The particular dish consists of vodka, tomato sauce, heavy cream, and most importantly, penne pasta. All the ingredients added to the dish offer great texture and a wonderful taste to Penne alla Vodka. Not much is known about the origin of the dish but some claim it to be from Bologna, Italy, while many claim it is from New York.

Mozzarella Sticks

According to Ido Fishman, the Mozzarella Sticks are the most common and widely consumed snacks in the entire country. The dish was originally created by chefs at the bowling alleys and sports bars in the United States. Now, the dish is consumed all over the world and is served at most of the fast food chains and burger joints. The sticks consist of battered bread and mozzarella cheese pieces that are deep fried. Their status in the food menus is of an appetizer but they can be filling due to heavy cheese in them. People have even started adding chicken alongside the cheese within the sticks.

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