July 16, 2024

Ido Fishman Shows How the Kitchen Can be Kept Classy and Trendy

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When it comes to the oldest businesses in the entire world, the food business would be present in the list. This is because food is the basic necessity of people no matter where they live. While some people like cooking food, everyone in the entire world loves to eat food that is cooked for them. This is the reason why there are so many restaurants and small food courts around the world. People have even started their food businesses on small carts and still they have high demand.

Ido Fishman, a credible and experienced chef is a master when it comes to cuisines and kitchens. While Ido Fishman has done several course that include French Cuisine Course, Italian Cuisine Course, and many more, his main focus is on presentation. He believes in complete presentation that starts from the presentation and look of the kitchen. In the Ido Fishman Food Blog, the expert chef talks about how a kitchen can work like a book cover in the eyes of majority of the guests.

This is the reason why people need to keep the kitchens trendy and classy. Shared below are some of the tips shared by Ido Fishman, to make it look that way and clean:

Update Hardware

You may come across many restaurants that may be cooking the best dishes in their area. However, they are always stuck with extremely old dishes because they lack the proper hardware to cook dishes the right way. Moreover, the furniture, cupboards, shelves, and other cabinets in your kitchen may become old with time and your kitchen may start looking dull. This is the reason why you must keep upgrading the hardware inside your kitchen to give it a new and fresh look.

Lighter Colors Keep the Kitchen Light

When the room is painted with bright colors, the entire room glows when the lights are switched on. When it comes to running a kitchen, it needs to be as bright as possible. Therefore, you need to ensure that the paint used in the kitchen is very bright alongside the cabinets. This way, the person paying a visit to your kitchen or a guest looking at it from far would be able to see things clearer. This eventually adds a plus point to your kitchen and the way it looks to the guests.

Replace Your Cabinets and Keep them Clean

One of the scariest part of your kitchen are the cabinets. If they are not kept clean, they can become home to different sorts of insects and when that happens, it is an open invitation for mice. This is the reason why you need to keep a routine check on your kitchen cabinets. If the doors of your cabinets and drawers are wearing out, it is better to replace them immediately. This is because they can be infested with termites and become an easy passage for mice to take a visit whenever they desire.

Keep Changing Utensils and Cutleries in the Kitchen

One of the most important thing is to keep the kitchen risk-free and hygienic. Therefore, the basic thing to make it happen is by changing the utensils and cutleries clean and change them after sometime. People tend to keep the utensils and cutleries for a really long time, which means for several years. This puts the entire kitchen as well as the cooks, and guests at a risk of catching diseases. This is the reason why it is extremely important to keep changing the utensils, especially the ones made from plastic.

Always Keep Your Kitchen Dried Up

One of the most important thing is to keep your kitchen all dried up. This is to ensure that no moisture is there in the kitchen. It can result in many problems such as environmental issues, potential health problems, and growth of mold. Another major problem that may arise from keeping the kitchen wet is the possibility of corrosion of hardware.

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