April 19, 2024

3 Tips For Eating With Mouth Sensitivity

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While everyone needs to eat enough food on a daily basis to keep themselves alive and keep their body functioning properly, if your mouth hurts for whatever reason, you may find that you’re hesitant to eat food even when you’re hungry. This can often happen to older people in senior living communities or to people going through certain medical treatments. But despite this pain, it’s vital that you find ways to keep yourself nourished.

To help you in doing this, here are three tips for eating with mouth sensitivity. 

Know What Foods To Avoid

The first thing that you should do if you’re having issues with pain and sensitivity in your mouth is to uncover what foods and drinks could be exacerbating the problem. Once you know what foods are making your pain and sensitivity worse, you can work to avoid those foods and drinks until your mouth is healed or feeling better.

In general, foods that require a lot of chewing should be avoided when having issues in your mouth. This includes tougher cuts of meat and thick breads. You’ll also want to avoid anything that’s particularly crunchy and could poke your mouth. Foods like this include things like chips, pretzels, crackers, and dry cereal. Salty, spicy, or acidic foods can also cause your pain and sensitivity to heighten. And if there are foods with small seeds like some berries, you may want to avoid these as well. 

Opt For Soft Foods

When you’re ready to eat something, you should opt for softer foods when you’re dealing with sensitivity and pain in your mouth. Foods like soups and stews, oatmeal and porridge, cottage cheese and yogurt, and pastas or soft potatoes can all be healthy foods that are soft and easy for you to eat when having issues with your mouth. 

Along with soft foods, you may also want to eat foods that have a bland taste and flavor to them. While maybe not as pleasant from an enjoyment standpoint, bland foods won’t have much in them to further irritate your mouth when your goal is to find healing there. 

Drink Regularly During Your Meals

Something else that can help make eating meals easier when you’re having pain and sensitivity in your mouth is to keep everything moist in there. To do this, you’ll want to drink regularly both when you’re eating and between meals

As you drink while eating meals, you’ll be able to keep your mouth moist and supple so that eating food is easier. And when you drink a bit while eating your food, it can soften up the food even more so that it’s easier to chew and swallow what you’re eating. 

If you have mouth sensitivity, consider implementing the tips mentioned above to help make eating a more pleasant experience. 

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